Welcome to the Kingsley Collection. We are a private collection with a public ethos that seeks to document, preserve, and present the visual and material culture of self-proclaimed, ephemeral, and adventurer-founded monarchies of the 19th and 20th centuries. To our knowledge, we are the only endeavor focused exclusively on self-proclaimed monarchies.

Our growing collection comprises diverse artifacts from around the world that mark monarchical rule, with a focus on the visual, symbolic, and performative elements of monarchy that newly-minted Kings and Emperors were keen to project, as well as how they were represented by others. Some objects are visual reminders of the extensive branding efforts employed by such monarchs to publicly represent their newly-acquired dignity. Conversely, other objects demonstrate how these monarchs were conceptualized and positioned by foreign public and private interests.

We believe that engaging with these objects as a discrete body of self-proclaimed monarchical aspirations will lead to a more nuanced appreciation of the overlooked and understudied—yet endlessly fascinating—phenomenon that is the newly-established monarchy

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As you browse our website, you may notice that it is under construction. Please bear with us as we build our virtual home, and complete any missing images, texts, and links. This message will be removed once our website is complete.


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You may email us at [email protected] with any questions, comments or information you wish to share with us.